Originally from the Bay Area, I am a Brooklyn-based textile artist who innovates knit and embroidery traditions with a curious eye and relentlessly experimental, meticulous approach. 

Influenced by a multi-disciplinary creative background that encompasses literature, ballet and baking, I realize new stories and moods through manipulating patterns to the edge of technical convention. Trained at Knit-1 in the UK and Paris' prestigious École Lesage, I am versed in advanced knit techniques and certified as an "haute couture embroiderer" with 500+ hours of professional development.

Commissions include: SF's Treasure Island Music Festival, Wool and the Gang (WATG), Rebecca Taylor, Purl Soho, Fred Boyd, Degen/Echo New York, Nordstrom, Vogue Knitting, Malabrigo, NORO, Knit Simple, Zealana, Liz Collins.

Machine: Brother KH-881 Standard Gauge, Brother KH-860 Bulk

Hand: Knitting, embroidery (Lunéville hook and needle), beading, crochet, macramé, sewing